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Remembering those who have made possible the dreams of today. Will never forget. Will never stop honoring their legacy.…
27 Feb 2017

BWMB 2002

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Black Women Mean Business and the London Development Agency: ‘’Change Your Life’’

In place of an annual convention Black Women Mean Business in partnership with the London Development Agency held and event entitled ‘’Change Your Life’’. They keynote speaker was Barbara Askins, President and Chief Executive Officer of 125th Street. A business improvement organisation for the regeneration of Harlem.  Other speakers included Luna Fran Riley, Director of Equalities and Diversity at the London Development Agency, Juliette Foster, Journalist and TV presenter Dr. Dona Daley, Senior Lecturer at Hillcroft College, Brenda Emmanus entrepreneur, journalist and TV presenter. Over 200 members attended. A reception was also held at the House of Commons for ‘’Change Your Life’’ event, with 200 members joining Diane Abbott MP and the London Development Agency.

Black Women Mean Business - West is not necessarily best?

Held at the Science Museum, this event looked at both conventional western medicines and alternative and complementary cures. The speakers included: Elizabeth Anionwu CBE, Head of the Mary Seacole Centre; Decima Francis, a homeopathic practitioner; professor Tim Vyse, Senior Lecturer and Consultant Rheumatologist at Imperial College; Brian Hannah, Director of Lupus and Dr.Jackie Landman of Queen Margaret University College, Edinburgh. Over 40 Black Women Mean Business members attended the event.

Black Women Mean Business and Caritac Trade Seminar

This was led by Sue Monteath of Cartage

Black Women Mean Business and Larch Consultancy – Seminar on Procurement

Led by 3 of Larch’s top executives and attended by over 30 Black Women Mean Business members.

Discussion Forum

E-Business – Making Computers Work for You

The first in a series of two summer seminars ‘’Making Computers Work For You’’ focused on how a business owner goes about setting up a website, the cost involved, benefits to the company and potential pitfalls. Led by Clyde Williams of Sho-Net, a successful new media company, the seminar also featured Noella LynchEdghill, marketing director of Nubian Concepts and Katia Febrissy of Affluent Translations.

Black Women Mean Business and Lloyds TSB ‘’So You Seriously Want To Be Rich’’?

Martin Wheedon of Lloyds TSB spoke to an audience of over 90 members, focusing on their relationship with their relationship with their bank manager and the way to get the most out of business banking services. Diana Woolfin of Changing Directions looked at being rich in a personal sense, asking what work life balance is and how it can be improved.

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