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Remembering those who have made possible the dreams of today. Will never forget. Will never stop honoring their legacy.…
27 Feb 2017

BWMB 1997

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Annual Convention

This was election year. But for Black Mean Business member one of the biggest and most memorable events of the year was our spring convention. This was held at a Bank of England. It was the first event of its kind ever held in the hallowed halls of the ‘’Old Lady of Threadneedle Street’’. As a member of the Treasury Select Committee, Diane had regularly taken evidence from the Governor of the Bank Of England, Sir Eddie George. He personally gave permission for her to lead her members into the Bank Of England for their most prestigious convention. It was appropriate for ambitious entrepreneurs to be meeting in the heart of the City of London, The financial centre of Europe. We were also fortunate to have the sponsorship of the publishers of America’s biggest black women ‘’Essence’’. They not only provided financial support but they also flew over from the United States one of their top executives, the national advertising director Barbara Britain. Essence is a black owned company and Barbara Britain’s spoke about the experience of the founders in setting up the company in the 60’s. Our other speakers included: business advisors, successful British businesswomen and the BBC presenter and journalist Brenda Emmanus. We were very grateful to the Bank of England for their hospitality.

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