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27 Feb 2017

BWMB 1998

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1998 Annual Convention

Our spring convention that year had the theme celebrating black women. It was held in the House of Commons. We chose the theme because we had found that many black female business owners felt very isolated and we wanted to have an event, which would leave them feeling uplifted. In the past Black Women Mean Business has not exclusively female panels largely made up of females role models. In 1998 for the first time we had a panel entirely composed of men. They were drawn from the world of business, law and the arts. And they all spoke movingly in very different styles, but all in celebration of the black women in their lives. Amongst our speakers was Keith Kerr of British Airways. He is Jamaican born, but has lived in Britain most of the adult life and is a top executive at Britain’s ‘’favourite airline’’. Another speaker was Dr. John Anthony Roberts QC. Dr. Roberts was born in Sierra Leone and was Britain’s first black recorder. Another speaker was writer and actor Ray Shell. He is of American origin, but is settled in this country. He spoke particularly movingly about the women in he’s life. He has gone on to star in the West End production of the Lion King. Another popular speaker was the television star and comedian Curtis Walker. Over 300 women attended this event and they were very pleased by the theme



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