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27 Feb 2017

NatWest Seminars 1998

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NatWest Seminars 1998

Global marketing and Public Relations

That autumn saw a further seminar on the ever popular subject of Marketing and PR, focusing on the product and service awareness in an international context. Led by Jenny Francis Associates and attended by over 50 businesswomen.

Hair care and Beauty

A host of business advisor, marketing executives and successful businesswomen in the hair care and beauty field spoke on the specific pitfalls of the industry. This was as always very well received.

Taking the plunge- Starting up on your own

Most of our members cannot. This seminar sought to root out some of the misconceptions and highlight a few potential mistakes made by new business owners. Led by Elsa Redwood of the North London Development Agency and featuring Pinky Lillani, a successful businesswoman and motivational speaker. The event was well attended by over 40 would – be entrepreneurs.

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