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27 Feb 2017

NatWest Seminars 2000

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NatWest Seminars 2000


The first seminar of the autumn was on communication skills for entrepreneurs. It included speaking and communicating effectively in meetings. It was led by Valerie Barnard of the RAP Consultancy.

Public Speaking

The second seminar of this autumn was on public speaking and it was led by Brian Jenner of Tarsus Communications

Marketing and Public Relations

The final seminar that autumn was marketing and PR and was led by Mark Ward, independent marketing and PR consultant.


The first discussion forum of that year was on export and global business, a very popular subject with our members. The speakers included Annette Williams, a businesswoman, Mike McLeod of the Centre for Caribbean Studies, Warwick University and Sonja Scantlebury, a successful exporter.


Our next discussion forum was about BME business and Europe, it was led by Yvonne Thompson of ASAP Communications and Baroness Ros Howells of St. Davids

Building your Business

This was a seminar designed to allow members to share their experiences in building up their business. It was led by Floyd Millen, business consultant and Helen Dupingy of DBD Training

Valentine’s Day Special

Many Black Women Mean Business members they felt that the personal side of their lives had been neglected in building a business. So we decided to celebrate the new millennium by holding our first ever Valentine’s Day reception at the House of Commons. It was sponsored by Choice FM. There were no formal speakers but we had a series of performances by poets and singers. Over 250 people attended, including very many couples. So we hoped we helped to make the millennium a little more romantic for our members.

Meetings with the Mayor of London

In May 2000 Londoners elected their first ever Mayor. The winning candidate was Ken Livingstone, he was a long standing friend and political college of Diane Abbott MP. And he appointed her to his cabinet as an advisor on equalities. Ken Livingstone has long been a supporter of the ethnic minority community. And working with business was a key part of his strategy as Mayor. So Diane invited him to speak to Black Women Mean Business members about what he was going to do to support small business in particular. It was one of the first meetings that the new Mayor spoke at and was attended by over 200 business owners. Ken gave an excellent presentation which was followed by a lively discussion on a range of issues important to ethnic minority entrepreneurs, including the congestion charge.

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