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27 Feb 2017

Natwest Seminar Series and Princes Youth Trust

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NatWest Seminars Series 1994

Diane and her team continued to do extensive research on BME business.  Their earlier research showed that their biggest single group of black female entrepreneurs were people in hair care and beauty. But the next biggest group were in restaurants and catering. So their first practical seminar was aimed at people in the catering industry.

Seminar for Restaurants and Caters

The speakers include Michelle Bartlett, the owner of Cottons Rum Restaurant, one of the most successful Caribbean restaurants in London. She had built up her business from a simple snack bar and her audience were fascinated by how she overcame all obstacles to run an upmarket Caribbean restaurant.

A bank manager from NatWest explained what banks could do to help small businesses. Other speakers included Mr Lesley Stern, an export promoter from the Department of Trade and Industry and Jenny Francis a marketing and PR consultant.


Seminar on Building a black business

Speakers at this seminar for potential entrepreneurs included a manager from NatWest Bank, an export promoter from the Department of Trade and Industry, a public relations consultant and Elsa Redwood, senior business advisor at the North London Development Agency.


Seminar for Hairdressers and the Beauty Business

At this seminar over 40 of London’s leading hairdressers listened to presentations from a public relations consultant, a manager from NatWest Bank and an export promoter from the Department of Trade and Industry.


Princes Youth Business Trust 1994

 From the beginning Black Women Mean Business has placed an emphasis on education and training, encouraging young people to consider entrepreneurship. That year they worked closely with the Princes Youth Business Trust, which at the time was worried that it wasn’t getting enough applications from ethnic minorities in general and in particular from Boroughs with a large BME population such as Hackney and Brent. In July of that year another innovatory event was held, a reception for young people to encourage them to think about entrepreneurship and to give them information about the Princes Youth Business Trust .Ms Abbott used her extensive community contacts and a novel marketing effort through ethnic radio to reach young people. Hundreds of  young people turned up, many of whom subsequently made contact furthered their ambitions through making contact with the Princes Youth Business Trust.

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